Miniball games

Miniball is a thrilling soccer mini-game in which you can choose your favorite team and try to make it a champion. Each team consists of five players that look like real players. Four players can move around the entire field, while the fifth, the goalkeeper, can only play within the penalty area.
This is how Barcelona looks like in the 2019-2020 season: Miniball team Mini task: try to guess each of the players. What are their names?

There is a puck at the bottom of each football player’s figure, which is the main playing element. It allows you to hit the ball, it can bounce off the borders of the playing field, and contact the pucks of other players. For instance, except hitting the ball directly, you can hit through the board, through another player, or through the opponent.


You need to demonstrate not only accuracy but also the ability to think over your next steps, as well as predict the actions of the opponent. The mechanics of the game are somewhat similar to billiards and Subbuteo.

Miniball main features:
  • 5x5 game: a goalkeeper and four field players;
  • turn-based gameplay: opponents take turns making their move, 15 seconds for an action;
  • set the formation of the players on the field;
  • each team has two uniforms: home and away colors; before the match, you can choose in which uniform the players will play;
  • league table and games calendar;
  • best championship players table (statistics on goals scored);