Football Heads

Can you guess them? These are football players Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Mohamed Salah. This is what they look like in the game.

Yes, you got it right! All football players have big heads and only one leg. But this doesn’t prevent them from playing football. Start the game and check it out yourself.

Choose the tournament your favorite team is playing, and choose the player you want to play. You can choose from the Champions League, Copa Libertadores, World Championship, European Championship (Euro), or the strongest national championships in Europe and South America. Can you win all your opponents on your way to the title?

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Football Heads is a free browser mini-game. To be more precise, it's a series of games. The vast majority of games in this series are real international or national championships. Each new football season, starting in 2014, includes new games in which the list of competing teams or clubs changes and the players' lineup. By the way, the most popular championships on the site are the European Champions League and World Cup.
You can guess the main idea of the game from one picture: Football Heads Run, jump, and hit the ball with your foot or head. The main point is to score as many goals as possible!
The game looks cartoonish and is unlikely to resemble football simulators such as FIFA or PES. But if you like football and looking for a simple game with short gameplay, try Football Heads. You will not regret the time spent.
In the game, you can:
  • play alone;
  • play two-person on one computer (each player has their own set of control keys);
  • enable weather (wind and rain);
  • enable angry fans (if you win your opponent, fans will throw bottles at your player and stun it for a short time after each goal you score);
  • and of course, you can and should score cool goals!