Hello, guys from France!

This year, Dvadi's challenge is to "speak" more languages. Therefore, I will ask players from different countries to help translate texts into their native languages. In return, players from these countries will receive their national championships.

For this reason, the principle of the appearance of new games on the site will change. First of all, the championships of those countries will be released on the site, whose locals will help to do a translation into their native language.

Hungary, Portugal, Brazil, Poland, Italy, Germany, and Turkey players responded to my offer and helped. In return, as you can see, they got their championships. Similar offers will gradually appear for other nations. Those who translate the texts will receive their championship.

So, friends from France! Let's make a deal. For your help translating the texts into French, I propose "Football Heads: France 2022-23".

If you agree, then welcome to the comments, where you can post your translations and, which is also very important, check other people's translations. Fortunately, there are few texts.

I want your attention to the fact that it is very important to check the translations made by other people. For example, based on previous experience, I can say that there are tricksters who copy-paste from Google Translate.

Or there are people who simply carelessly do translations with gross errors. If you are not confident in your abilities, save your time and mine.

Such low-quality translations do not bring the emergence of new games closer. But on the contrary, they move them away. As a result, I waste time checking and processing these texts. Instead of making the games, I spend a lot of time working with texts, which in the end, I can't accept because of the poor quality.

Therefore, I ask conscientious players to help me and feel free to identify bad translations and correct other people's mistakes. If you have suspicions that the text translated by someone is an automatic translation, directly report it.

The better you can organize yourself, the more time I'll have for games.

The texts are divided into blocks and numbered.

Thank you for your attention!

P.S. Players from other countries who see this text and also want to do the translation to get the championship of their country! You don't have to offer your services. If I have plans for the championship of your country, then you will definitely see a similar offer for you. There just isn't enough time for everything. Please be understanding.



1) Free football games on Dvadi.com

2) Play quality online games. Dvadi is free entertainment for players of all ages.

3) Dvadi website offers only high-quality free football games without registration and download. So far, two series of games are available: Football Heads and Miniball.

4) Football Heads is fun and quick-played 2D game in which big-headed football players play one-on-one. Two footballers, a small football field, two football goals, and a ball. You only need to score as many goals as possible and defend your own goal.

5) Also, from time to time, bad weather conditions (wind, rain, snow) will complicate the game. In addition, disgruntled fans of your rival may pelt you with plastic bottles.

6)The website offers a lot of international and national championships such as the Champions League, Euro, World Cup, Copa Libertadores, English Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, and others.

7) Miniball is a turn-based football game. Here you play as a team of five players (one of them is a goalkeeper). The footballers can move around the football field and hit the ball. Besides hitting the ball and moving players across the pitch as accurately as possible, you must also consider your strategy and tactics.

8) This way, you will be able to predict the possible steps of your opponent, timely reinforce your defense or attack, and correctly take positions on the playing field. In the Miniball series, you can also play various national and international championships.

9) Briefly speaking, Football Heads is more of a "quick" game about agility and fast reactions. Miniball, in turn, is more of a "slow" game "where you need to think over your moves." In any case, you will enjoy your time playing both games. Have a great time, and we wish you to win in football championships!



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1) Miniball games

2) Miniball is an exciting soccer mini-game in which you can choose your favorite team and try to make it a champion. Each team consists of five footballers that look like real players. Four players can move around the entire field, while the fifth, the goalkeeper, can only play within the penalty area.

3) This is what Barcelona looks like in the 2019-2020 season:

4) Mini task: try to guess each of the players. What are their names?

5) There is a puck at the bottom of each football player's figure, which is the main playing element. It allows you to hit the ball, bounce off the borders of the playing field, and contact the pucks of other players. For instance, except for hitting the ball directly, you can hit through the board, another player, or the opponent.

You need to demonstrate not only accuracy but also the ability to think over your next steps, as well as predict your opponent's moves. The mechanics of the game is somewhat similar to billiards and Subbuteo.

6) Miniball main features:

  • 5x5 game: a goalkeeper and four field players;
  • turn-based gameplay: opponents take turns making their move; 15 seconds for an action;
  • the ability to set the formation of the players on the field;
  • each team has two uniforms: home and away kits; before the match, you can choose in which uniform the players will play;
  • league table and games calendar;
  • best championship players table (statistics on goals scored);

7) Five-on-five turn-based mini football. Take part in the best championships. These are simple football games like Subbuteo. Each new football season comes with new games.


1) Football Heads

2) Can you guess them? These are football players Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Mohamed Salah. This is what they look like in the game.

3) Yes, you got it right! All football players have big heads and only one leg. But this doesn’t prevent them from playing football. Start the game and check it out yourself.

4) Choose the tournament your favorite team is playing, and choose the player you want to play. You can choose from the Champions League, Copa Libertadores, World Championship, European Championship (Euro), or the strongest national championships in Europe and South America. Can you win all your opponents on your way to the title?

5) Learn more

6)Football Heads is a free browser mini-game. To be more precise, it's a series of games. The vast majority of games in this series are real international or national championships. Each new football season, starting in 2014, includes new games in which the list of competing teams or clubs changes and the players' lineup. By the way, the most popular championships on the site are the European Champions League and World Cup.

7) You can guess the main idea of the game from one picture:

8) Run, jump, and hit the ball with your foot or head. The main point is to score as many goals as possible!

9) The game looks cartoonish and is unlikely to resemble football simulators such as FIFA or PES. But if you like football and looking for a simple game with short gameplay, try Football Heads. You will not regret the time spent.

10) In the game, you can:

  • play alone;
  • play two-person on one computer (each player has their own set of control keys);
  • enable weather (wind and rain);
  • enable angry fans (if you win your opponent, fans will throw bottles at your player and stun it for a short time after each goal you score);
  • and of course, you can and should score cool goals!

11) Football players with big heads and one leg play football. Here is a wide selection of real football championships.

12) Football Heads games


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9) or

10) Single player game

11) Two player game

12) Player

13) To hit the ball or move a football player to the right place, just click on it with the left mouse button and, without releasing, move the cursor in the right direction. Then release the mouse button to complete the action.

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1 Football Heads: Premier League 20xx-xx

2 Football Heads: Ligue 1 20xx-xx

3 Football Heads: English Premier League 20xx-xx

4 Football Heads: Spanish La Liga 20xx-xx

5 Football Heads: La Liga 20xx-xx

6 Football Heads: Italian Serie A 20xx-xx

7 Football Heads: Serie A 20xx-xx

8 Football Heads: Champions League 20xx-xx

9 Football Heads: Russian Premier League 20xx-xx

10 Football Heads: Russia 20xx-xx

11 Football Heads: Argentine Primera Division 20xx

12 Football Heads: Argentina 20xx

13 Football Heads: Süper Lig 20xx-xx

14 Football Heads: Turkish Süper Lig 20xx-xx

15 Football Heads: Turkey 20xx-xx

16 Football Heads: Primeira Liga 20xx-xx

17 Football Heads: Portuguese Primeira Liga 20xx-xx

18 Football Heads: Portugal 20xx-xx

19 Football Heads: Eredivisie 20xx-xx

20 Football Heads: Dutch Eredivisie 20xx-xx

21 Football Heads: Netherlands 20xx-xx

22 Football Heads: Campeonato Brasileiro 20xx

23 Football Heads: Brazil 20xx

24 Football Heads: Campeonato Brasileiro Série A 20xx

25 Football Heads: England 20xx-xx

26 Football Heads: La Liga 20xx-xx

27 Football Heads: Spain 20xx-xx

28 Football Heads: Bundesliga 20xx-xx

29 Football Heads: Germany 20xx-xx

30 Football Heads: German Bundesliga 20xx-xx

31 Football Heads: France 20xx-xx

32 Football Heads: French Ligue 1 20xx-xx

33 Football Heads: Copa Libertadores 20xx

34 Football Heads: Italy 20xx-xx

35 Football Heads: Italy 20xx-xx (Serie A)

36 Football Heads: World Cup 20xx

37 Football Heads: France 20xx-xx (Ligue 1)

38 Miniball: England 20xx-xx

39 Miniball: Spain 20xx-xx

40 Miniball: Italy 20xx-xx

41 Miniball: Euro 2020

42 Football Heads: Euro 2020

43 Miniball: Brazil 20xx

44 Football Heads: Copa Libertadores 20xx

45 Football Heads: Argentina 2019-20 (Superliga)

46 Miniball: Champions League 20xx-xx

47 Miniball: Germany 20xx-xx

48 Football Heads: Poland 20xx-xx

49 Football Heads: Polish Ekstraklasa 20xx-xx

50 Football Heads: Hungary 20xx-xx


1 Play Football Heads: English Premier League 20xx-xx.

2 Play Football Heads: French Ligue 1 20xx-xx.

3 Play Football Heads: Spanish La Liga 20xx-xx.

4 Play Football Heads: Italian Football Championship 20xx-xx.

5 Play Football Heads: Champions League 20xx-xx.

6 Play Football Heads: Russian Premier League 20xx-xx.

7 Play Football Heads: Argentine Primera Division 20xx.

8 Play Football Heads: Turkish Süper Lig 20xx-xx.

9 Play Football Heads: Portuguese Primeira Liga 20xx-xx.

10 Play Football Heads: Dutch Eredivisie 20xx-xx.

11 Play Football Heads: Campeonato Brasileiro Série A 20xx.

12 Play Football Heads: German Bundesliga 20xx-xx.

13 Play Football Heads: Copa Libertadores 20xx.

14 Play Football Heads: Italian Serie A 20xx-xx.

15 Play Football Heads: World Cup 20xx.

16 Play Miniball: English Premier League 20xx-xx.

17 Play Miniball: Euro 2020 - a small version of the European Football Championship.

18 Play Football Heads: Superliga Argentina 2019-20.

19 Play Miniball: Italian Serie A 2019-20. A miniature version of the Italian Football Championship.

20 Play Miniball: Champions League 20xx-xx.

21 Play Football Heads: Poland Football Championship 20xx-xx.

22 Play Football Heads: Polish Ekstraklasa 20xx-xx.

23 Play Football Heads: Hungarian Football Championship 20xx-xx.

24 Play Football Heads: Liga Portugal 20xx-xx.

25 Play Football Heads: Polish Ekstraklasa 20xx-xx.


1 A free football mini-game with short gameplay.

2 That’s exactly what you need to kill 20-30 minutes of your free time.

3 2D free football game with one and two-player modes.

4 Choose your favorite team, footballer, and head to victory!

5 2D free football game for one or two players.

6 Play with big-headed and one-legged football players. How? Start the game and check it out.

7 This game will give a pleasant pastime to all football fans.

8 Choose your favorite [Italian, German, English, French, Spanish, Russian, Polish, Hungarian ...] soccer team and win the league by scoring as many goals as you can.

9 It (the game) does not require downloading or installing.

10 There is a two-player mode in the game.

11 2D one-on-one free football game.

12 This is a simple and, at the same time, addicting browser game.

13 Benfica, Porto, Sporting CP - which team will become the champion in the 2014-15 season?

14 Choose your favorite team and make it the champion of the country. It’s all up to you!

15 2D mini-game with realistic physics.

16 One-on-one football game: one opposing footballer against one of your footballers.

17 Show your skills by instantly switching from defense to attack.

18 Football Heads is one of the best free football mini-games.

19 Are you fond of football? If yes, then this game is right for you.

20 A free football game, which is a small version of the 20xx-xx [English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, Portuguese Primeira Liga...].

21 A big head and only one leg are the hallmarks of football players in this game.

22 Run, jump, and score goals with your foot or head, and make sure you defend your own goal.

23 Try to score as many goals as possible into the opponent's goal while not forgetting to defend your own goal.

24 Go back to the 20xx-xx [Spanish La Liga, Italian Serie A, German Bundesliga, French Ligue 1 ...] season. Make the way to gain the title of [Spanish, German, French ...] champion of the 20xx-xx season.

25 The top [20] teams in [French League 1, Spanish La Liga, Italian Serie A ...] face-off in a breathtaking fight to become the champion.

26 A small football field, two football goals, a ball, and two big-headed and one-legged football players.

27 This is a simple and, at the same time, addicting browser game in which big-headed football players with one leg play football.

28 You can play it (the game) right in your browser.

29 Take advantage to participate in the 20xx-xx [Italian, German, English, French, Brazilian, Argentinian] Football Championship.

30 The top [20] teams of the [Brazilian Championship A Series, English Premier League] compete for the champion’s title.

31 An addicting free browser game.

32 Your footballer is both an attacker and a defender.

33 This game is dedicated to fans of [French, German, Italian, Brazilian, Turkish ...] football.

34 A turn-based Subbuteo-like free football game.

35 A table football in the browser.

36 A free football game, which is a small version of the 2020 European Football Championship.

37 Help your favorite team become the champion in the new season of the 20xx-xx [English Premier League, Italian Serie A, French Ligue 1 ...].

38 A turn-based five-on-five free football game.

39 Choose your favorite team and attempt to become the Serie A champion.

40 An exciting game with realistic physics.

41 In this game, big-headed and one-legged footballers masterfully control the ball and score excellent goals.

42 An exciting mini-game, the 2020-21 Italian Football Championship.

43 The mechanics of the game is somewhat similar to billiards and Subbuteo.

44 Strategy, tactics, accuracy of kicking the ball, and movements: here's what you need in this football game in which five players of your team have to play as a single unit.

45 Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, Liverpool. Which team will become the champion in the 2020-2021 season?

46 Lionel Messi, Karim Benzema, Luis Suárez - who will bring his team to victory?

47 Here are the top [20] Italian teams and some of the world's best footballers. Prove that the scudetto should belong to your team.

48 This championship is the best club tournament in South America.

49 Football players with only one leg and a big head. Is that even possible? In the Football Heads game, this is reality!

50 Footballers with one leg and a big head try to score as many goals as possible for the opponent's goal.

51 Become the champion of [Spanish La Liga, Italian Serie A, Polish Ekstraklasa ...].

52 Play football with big-headed football players in the Italian Championship.

53 This tournament is surely the most powerful and popular international championship among football clubs. Choose a team, defeat all your opponents, and become the champion among the strongest European clubs.

54 You can play with real teams and football players in the [Polish Ekstraklasa, Russian Premier League ...].

55 Choose your favorite team and make it the champion of the world.

56 The top 47 teams from ten South American countries compete for the continental title. You have the opportunity to take part in this championship. Launch the game and make your favorite team the champion.

57 How can you play as a football player with one foot and a big head, and at the same time defend your goal and score goals against the opponent? Thousands of players around the world are doing it. Try it too!

58 In this game, football players can score goals with all body parts. But the choice is not great, since they only have a large head and one leg.

59 In this game, you can choose any team participating in the real [English Premier League, Polish Ekstraklasa …] in the 2022-23 season. Play as a football player with a big head and one leg and win the champion title.

60 This game differs from other football games because footballers in it look a bit non-standard. They have only one leg and a large head.

61 Dynamic and non-standard arcade football. This game can be played by one or two.

62 Do you have the skills to become the champion of [Spain, England, Italy ...] in the 2022-23 season? Control a football player who has to defend his goal and score as many goals as possible against the opponent's goal.


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27 Use the spacebar anyway

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35 Championship is over!

36 Your team:

37 Top goalscorers

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39 Matchdays

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54 Pts

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69 You are the Winner!

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130 Playfield

131 Weather

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133 Footballer

134 Moving

135 Kick

136 Jump

137 Moving backward

138 Moving forward

139 or

140 Spacebar

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142 Wind

145 Ball

150 Game over!

200 Foul!

201 Golden Goal!

210 Team 1

211 Team 2

212 Agg.

213 1st leg

214 2nd leg

217 Real seeding

218 Real scores

219 Championship settings


1) Qualification

2) World Cup

3) Score

4) Europe

5) Asia

6) Africa

7) Oceania

8) South America

9) North, Central America and Caribbean

10) First round

11) Second round

12) Third round

13) Fourth round

14) Path

15) Inter-confederation play-offs

16) Group stage

17) Knockout stage

18) Coming soon

19) Transfers

20) First qualifying stage

21) Second qualifying stage

22) Third qualifying stage

23) Group stage

24) Knockout stage

25) Preliminary round

26) The Championship is over!